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Bruin stock group

Creating Future Leaders for Finance, Business, and Society

Who we are

Bruin Stock Group is a student-created undergraduate investment organization. Created in 2020, our founders are extremely passionate about teaching others the intricacies of how to how, what, and where to invest. We advise the allocation of more than $600,000 in private assets under management, within our Alpha Fund and Beta Fund, which we like to use to teach our members about real-world investing.

Our Mission

As a student-run organization, our objective is to create an interactive and rewarding learning experience for undergraduate students interested in investment banking, asset management, and many other financial industries, as well as, teaching students about investing as a skill-set in order to help secure themselves financially.

Students in Class
ReaL Money, Real Experience 

Portfolio Managers and Analysts work together to manage investments in our Alpha Fund, which has about $600,000 in private assets under management. This gives analysts the opportunity to take part in real time research as well as learn more about the market via experiences, and not just theory. 

Similarly, our Beta Fund, which is our quantitative trading fund, has about $140,000 in private assets under management that our quantitative traders proceed to trade in the options, futures and cryptocurrencies markets. 

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