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Our Story


Bruin Stock Group was founded in 2020 as an investment organization to help students at UCLA learn how to invest. With dynamic vision, our founders have tried to increase the awareness of investing across campus, and not just to business or finance majors. With more than $600,000 in private assets under management, Bruin Stock Group prides itself on being able hybridize learning and real-world experiences through hands-on interactions with our fund. 

Glass Buildings


Our mission is to spread  the knowledge of investing to all students, through real-world experience, in order to help them learn about financial awareness, and use the stock market to earn a steady income. 


Our vision is to grow Bruin Stock Group across campus and expand across universities, in order to help as many students learn about investing as possible. We want to open up the world of investing to every student and break down the stereotypes associated with investing in the stock market.

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