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As an analyst, your job is to learn as much as you can about the stock market! We provide comprehensive training to new analysts in order to help them understand financial markets better, after which they work under our portfolio managers to help manage real money in our investment fund. After training, analysts will be assigned to portfolio managers in order to help provide real-time market research on trades.

Portfolio Manager

As a portfolio manager, you will be responsible for mentoring our analysts, and teaching them about the intricacies of the stock market. Analysts will provide you with the latest market research and will write reports for you, to help you make your next trade in an informed and timely manner. Portfolio managers will also manage parts of the investment fund and make trades based on analyst research.

Quant Division

As a quant researcher, you will be responsible to create algorithms that streamline our trading processes and allow our traders to make more informed trades on option, futures, cryptocurrencies and other derivatives.

Quants Traders need to have good logical thinking and decision making abilities while trading liquid assets. Quant Traders need to have a portfolio and past experience. You will be leading small teams of researchers.

OUR APPLICATIONS ARE NOW LIVE! please follow the instructions above and submit your application

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